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Are you looking to revolutionize the way people buy and sell online? Look no further! At Overninja, we specialize in creating modern-day marketplace app solutions that connect consumers and dealers in dynamic virtual marketplaces. With our expertise in mobile app development and a passion for ecommerce, we empower corporations and marketers to thrive within the competitive world of online marketplaces.

Each app layout is painstakingly created by our passionate team of engineers and designers to optimize user engagement and guarantee a smooth business relationship.

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Our Marketplace App Development Services

Ecommerce Marketplaces : Create dynamic online marketplaces where buyers and sellers can trade goods and services, with features such as product listings, secure transactions, and seller verification.

Service Marketplaces : Connect service providers with customers looking for professional services, with features such as service listings, booking and scheduling, and ratings and reviews.

Rental Marketplaces : Facilitate peer-to-peer rentals of goods and equipment, with features such as rental listings, availability calendars, and secure payment processing.

Vertical Marketplaces : Launch niche marketplaces catering to specific industries or interests, with features tailored to the unique needs of your target audience.

Let's Build the Next Big Marketplace Together!

Whether you're a startup entrepreneur or an established business, Overninja is your trusted partner for marketplace app development. Let's collaborate and create a game-changing app that connects buyers and sellers, drives sales, and propels your marketplace to success. Contact us today to get started on your marketplace app journey!


of businesses order from the online platform


of businesses open marketplace applications every day.

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of businesses prefer mobile apps to websites.


of businesses buy from the marketplace platforms each month.

Key Features of Marketplace App

Find out all of the key components of our marketplace app solution with
the best marketplace app development company.

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Account Linking


Profile Management

Safe Payment

Review and Ratings

Receive Notifications

Money Management

Safety and Privacy

Technologies We Work On

To realize your marketplace app idea, we employ state-of-the-art
technologies to craft smooth experiences.

Unlock the potential of your business with our premier marketplace app development company.

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Marketplace App
Development Cost

An app that is basic and has all the required components may be less expensive to construct than one that has numerous features and complicated functionalities. The cost of developing a marketplace app varies depending on a number of things. To arrange a free phone consultation, contact us.

Case Studies

Explore our marketplace app development case studies to witness real-world examples and innovative solutions.


Exceptional creativity and user-centric designs! This mobile app design company surpassed our expectations, delivering a seamless and visually stunning application. Their attention to detail and commitment to user experience set them apart.

Brian Clark

Co-Founder, TWOS

Working with this mobile app design firm was a pleasure. They brought our vision to life with precision and flair. The team's responsiveness and ability to incorporate feedback seamlessly into the design process were impressive.

Juliet Elliot

CEO, Veranda

Incredible commitment to timelines! This app design company delivered our project on schedule without compromising quality. Their efficient project management and skilled design team make them a reliable partner.

Balba Chahal

Founder, Weather Wise

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